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I’ve been looking into various COST EFFECTIVE “project management” software applications for many months, trying to find a solution that would allow me to create project job tickets, generate invoices from the project tickets, show reports on paid / unpaid invoices, create proposals, estimates, etc.

I finally found a solution that I really dig and thought I’d share a link if any other small business owner is in search of such a platform for managing their projects.

Kaleidoscopic, Inc. Designs a Digital Publication Recognized with Three Prestigious LACP 2012 Magellan Awards

“I am pleased to announce that Chartwells Magazine, a digital publication produced and designed by Kaleidoscopic, contributed to three award wins for our client Chartwells Higher Education Dining Services. This is outstanding news and I’m so very excited for Chartwells and Kaleidoscopic. We are very thrilled that Chartwells Magazine was recognized by the League of American Communications Professionals (LACP) in its 2012 Magellan Awards Communications Campaign Competition.  Chartwells’ monthly digital newsletter, “Chartwells Magazine”, was recognized as the 2012 Platinum Winner in the Employee Communications category winning the overall award within the competition class. Chartwells Magazine was also recognized as the Most Engaging communication in the Worldwide Special Achievement Award category.  Additionally, Chartwells Magazine ranked 7th in the 2012 Magellan Awards Worldwide Top 50 ranking competition.. Through all of our efforts we achieved something really great.”

“I am happy to share Chartwells’ press release.
Visit Kaleidoscopic, inc. to read the press release and thank you for taking the time to read about our achievements!”

2012 Platinum Winner2012 Most Engaging Design Awardranked 7th in the 2012 Magellan Awards Worldwide Top 50

Outsource Web Development – Charlotte, NC

Are you a graphic designer struggling with website development, or wish to improve on the web design services you offer your clients? Call on Kaleidoscopic as your American-Based web development outsource solution for all your web development needs. You design it and we’ll build it for you behind the scenes… and as far as anyone else knows – it’s your work.

We provide custom web development, W3C valid HTML, a powerful content management solution and with every website we build for you, you’ll receive our basic SEO package at no additional cost… because we feel writing solid web code is part of the process of building a great website, a website that will perform well for your customer and therefore the basics of SEO are necessary – which many other companies charge extra for.

Are you an American based design agency considering the idea of outsourcing your web development projects overseas? Why not hire an American?
We’re located in Charlotte, NC (704) 545-5336.
Visit us at to learn more about us and the services offered.

Here’s something to think about and take into consideration.
An employee of Kaleidoscopic, Inc. has a relative who is in the graphic design business. While having lunch one day, she mentioned that her uncle had decided to outsource a project to a company based in India and when the project was returned, he was very pleased with the work and the fees incurred. I must admit it’s a strong argument for outsourcing overseas. But I looked at her and asked, “So should I call your uncle, ask for their phone number and fire you so I can save money?” She was a bit shocked and I told her to relax I wasn’t serious. However, I was trying to make a point to her, that the choice her uncle had made was in my opinion a bad choice for the long term growth of his business, the financial health of his local community and it’s actions such as his that have cost so many American jobs.

As a business owner – I believe it’s vital to keep business local and employ people in my community – Americans, who in-turn can afford to purchase more products and services from other local businesses, which in-turn may come to Kaleidoscopic, Inc. to help with their website development needs.

Simply put: What goes around – comes around!